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<transcy>Scenery, staging up the world for a creative designer ;)</transcy>


<transcy>Frequently asked questions;)</transcy>

No. As a customer you don't have to credit when you buy and use our photos (but if you want it would be nice and will definitely make us smile sure :).

Yes. Please note that you are allowed to use the scenery-studio images as long as the design is intended for an end customer or one of your projects.

For example, you can crop, resize, change colors or overlay images with text, but you are not allowed to transmit the source file. (PSD file)

You can use the image throughout a project, as long as the deliverables do not allow you to extract the original source file.

If you are downloading an entire pack with a lot of Photoshop files, the folder size can be quite large and therefore can be slow downloading. First of all, Google Drive will compress the folder. You will see the zip progress in the lower left corner of your browser.

Please allow time for the folder to compress. Once this is done, the zip file will start to download. Depending on your internet connection and the size of the file, this may take a while. Please allow the download to complete.

If the download does not complete, the browser may have timed out.

<transcy><p>What is a mockup?&nbsp;</p></transcy>

A mockup is used to represent the rendering of an object before it is physically performed. This mockup adds originality and life to your content.

<transcy>Who can use a mockup &nbsp;?&nbsp;</transcy>

For creative persons;) The idea is to stage your projects, before they are physically produced. But in a slightly more lively and, let's say it, more selling way.

<transcy>How can I customize it ?&nbsp;</transcy>

You have to go through Photoshop, where you will update ​​the file with your own work, in an easy and fast way.

Here is a great tutorial to help you.