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<transcy>Scenery, staging up the world for a creative designer ;)</transcy>

— Scenery and mockup felt just like home. This service is the result of numerous years of customer and creative service.

Photo de la fondatrice de lindependante, Anne Sophie BROUSSE
image d'illustration de bureau

We are agile designers and
we make sure your brands gain
image the best possible way.

The various missions carried out by lindépendante over the years helped pinpoint specific needs. Among these, using custom and creative contents came in first.

The Scenery project came naturally along the way to help customers through their digital deployment.
Ces maquettes sont là pour sublimer votre image de marque et pour vous permettre de mieux raconter votre histoire. Elles mettront en valeur toutes vos créations.

These sketches are here to enlighten and broadcast your brand image and help you tell a story. 

Our range of experts use their skills and assets to create the best possible contents. Designers, video makers and creators work together hand in hand to share these realistic and creative files.

<transcy><p>What is a mockup?&nbsp;</p></transcy>

A mockup is used to represent the rendering of an object before it is physically performed. This mockup adds originality and life to your content.

<transcy>Who can use a mockup &nbsp;?&nbsp;</transcy>

For creative persons;) The idea is to stage your projects, before they are physically produced. But in a slightly more lively and, let's say it, more selling way.

<transcy>How can I customize it ?&nbsp;</transcy>

You have to go through Photoshop, where you will update ​​the file with your own work, in an easy and fast way.

Here is a great tutorial to help you.