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<transcy>Scenery, staging up the world for a creative designer ;)</transcy>

<transcy>Staging and mockups for creative designers</transcy>

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<transcy>Scenery & Mockup by lindépendante provides you with creative and design mockups to feed your content. Our mockups are editable via Photoshop where you can easily integrate your own visuals. Find several images to enhance your website or social networks.</transcy>

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Collection "SKINCARE"


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Here at lindependante, our experts use their skills and assets to create the best contents available. Designers, video creators and conceptors work hand in hand to provide you with realistic and creative scenery.

Our à la carte mockups

Choose a unique product with personalized mockups.

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Stick out from the crowd with exceptional staging and watch your business gain visibility.


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Our attention to detail is our major asset to satisfy you.

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<transcy>What is a mockup?</transcy><transcy>A mockup allows you to integrate a visual into a realistic virtual environment. Drag the image of your choice onto a fake smartphone screen, computer screen or even a paper poster to illustrate what it would look like in reality. The mockup fictitiously shows what your final result would look like. To insert your visual inside a mockup, a simple manipulation in Photoshop is enough.</transcy> <transcy>SEE OUR TUTORIAL</transcy>
<transcy>Where do you actually use these mockups?</transcy><transcy>The choices are unlimited ! These models will enhance your web pages, your presentations or your social networks. Take a look at Instagram feed to see what this looks like in real life.</transcy> @scenery_mockup

<transcy><p>What is a mockup?&nbsp;</p></transcy>

A mockup is used to represent the rendering of an object before it is physically performed. This mockup adds originality and life to your content.

<transcy>Who can use a mockup &nbsp;?&nbsp;</transcy>

For creative persons;) The idea is to stage your projects, before they are physically produced. But in a slightly more lively and, let's say it, more selling way.

<transcy>How can I customize it ?&nbsp;</transcy>

You have to go through Photoshop, where you will update ​​the file with your own work, in an easy and fast way.

Here is a great tutorial to help you.