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<transcy>Scenery, staging up the world for a creative designer ;)</transcy>

Comment ajouter votre maquette dans photoshop ?

<transcy>Open your file in Photoshop:</transcy>

1. Double-click on the “Add Design Here - Double Click Thumbnail” layer thumbnail.
This will open a new tab in Photoshop.

2. In the new tab,
click "File"> "Import" and select your artwork.

You can directly drag and drop directly with your model;)

3. Scale the image to fill the white space (if necessary) and once you're happy with the position of the image, click Save.

You can then close this tab.

4. Go to your layers and right click on your mockup thumbnail and select> "Create Clipping Mask"

Then Save. You can then close this tab.

5. Vous verrez alors que votre maquette est maintenant placé dans la bonne position.

Pour éditer à nouveau l'image, répétez simplement ce qui précède.

<transcy>We're here to help 🤗.</transcy><transcy>Mistakes are human. Sometimes there may be errors in our files. If so, please do not hesitate to contact us. What if something doesn't work or if you can't change your mockup in our mockups? We will be happy to help you by video or email with further explanation.</transcy> <transcy>Contact us</transcy>

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<transcy><p>What is a mockup?&nbsp;</p></transcy>

A mockup is used to represent the rendering of an object before it is physically performed. This mockup adds originality and life to your content.

<transcy>Who can use a mockup &nbsp;?&nbsp;</transcy>

For creative persons;) The idea is to stage your projects, before they are physically produced. But in a slightly more lively and, let's say it, more selling way.

<transcy>How can I customize it ?&nbsp;</transcy>

You have to go through Photoshop, where you will update ​​the file with your own work, in an easy and fast way.

Here is a great tutorial to help you.